Analytical Resources Core

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Analytical Resources Core

ARC Director:

The Analytical Resources Core (ARC) consists of four subcores: (1) Hormone Assay and Analytical Services, (2) Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Atherosclerosis, (3) Mouse Pathology, and (4) Metabolic Flux Analysis. In addition to technical support, the ARC provides training with regards to methods, interpretation of results and advisement on advantages and limitations of various procedures.


Hormone Assay and Analytical Services

Preston Research Building, Room 703

Director: Dale Edgerton, Ph.D.

This subcore provides investigators with sensitive, inexpensive, and reproducible analyses for hormones and metabolites.

NOTE: If you would like to place an order for mouse hormone assays, please go to the Hormone Assay & Analytical Services Core website for more details on services and pricing.


Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Atherosclerosis

Medical Center North, Room CC-3327

Director: Owen McGuinness, Ph.D.
Managing Director: Dale Edgerton, Ph.D.

This subcore provides quantitative and qualitative measurements of plasma and tissue lipids and lipoproteins, as well as atherosclerotic lesions. Many services are unique and not offered by other centralized laboratories.

NOTE:  If you would like to place an order for lipid analysis, please go to the Lipid Core website for details on services and rates.


Mouse Pathology

Translational Pathology Shared Resource

Director: Kelli Boyd, D.V.M.

This resource is charged with meeting the need for centralized and generalist mouse pathology expertise. The analysis provided by this subcore is particularly useful for characterization of mouse models when unexpected secondary disease processes occur in metabolic disease models.

Visit the TPSR website for more details.


Metabolic Flux Analysis

Director: Jamey Young, Ph.D.

This subcore provides metabolite enrichments and measures positional stable isotopic labeling in samples from experiments in which stable isotopes are administered. Flux rates are calculated using network analysis, product to precursor relationships, and isotope dilution.