Body Weight Regulation Core

Julio AyalaLouise Lantier

Director: Julio Ayala, Ph.D.

Managing Director and Core Contact: Louise Lantier, Ph.D.

815 Light Hall

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Core Description:

This Core studies the impact of genetic, surgical, dietary and pharmacologic manipulations on body weight regulation. This requires high precision expired gas analysis and rapid time resolution. This Core measures food intake, energy expenditure, and behavioral factors that affect them. Energy balance studies are performed in the mouse home cage, which minimizes stress. Mitochondrial function is assessed on permeabilized tissues, isolated cells, or isolated mitochondria. Mouse models of bariatric surgery have been developed and studied extensively. Also see Surgical Services. The Aims of this Core are to:

  • Determine the components of energy balance with high precision and time resolution in the home cage of the mouse using Promethion™ technology
  • Assessment of mitochondrial function.
  • Provide innovative mouse bariatric surgery models with application to basic and translational research.
  • Study the roles of humoral and neural pathways in control of body weight regulation.
  • Study how provocative challenges such as exercise, cold stress, or thermoneutral housing alter energy expenditure and behavior.

Subcore Bariatric Surgery
843 Light Hall
Director: Naji Abumrad, Ph.D.