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“VMMPC is an incredible resource. They’ve provided us with high quality, cost-effective, and highly specialized services that have been essential for several high-impact projects from our group.” – Michael W. Schwartz, MD, Robert H. Williams Endowed Chair in Medicine and Professor of Medicine, University of Washington

“The outstanding research quality, rigor, ethics, and attention to detail by an outstanding scientific staff and world-class scientific leaders and innovators have been the foundation of my work in the space of drug discovery to treat type 2 diabetes.” – Nick Giannoukakis, PhD, Associate Professor of Immunology and Biological Sciences, Allegheny Health Network and Carnegie Mellon University

“My laboratory has used the VMMPC to conduct hyperinsulinemic-euglycemic clamps to test whether FGF21 is involved in the improved overall and tissue-specific insulin sensitivity adaptations to dietary methionine restriction. These studies required that mice be maintained on a custom diet upon arrival at the VMMPC. VMMPC was well equipped to accommodate the custom diet and the studies. Studies showed that FGF21 is a key mediator in linking sensing of the reduction in dietary methionine in the liver to its effects on insulin sensitivity. Our experiences with the VMMPC have been extremely positive.” – Thomas W. Gettys, PhD, John Henry Hernandez Endowed Professorship in Health Promotion PI, Pennington Center of Biomedical Research Excellence Professor

VMMPC is an invaluable resource to investigators around the country by providing detailed phenotypic characterization, complex instrumentation, and state of the art training to new investigators. As a user of the Vanderbilt MMPC on multiple occasions, I have benefited greatly from their services and have been quite pleased with the results and service we received.” – Brian Finck, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis