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The VMMPC occupies 3000 sq ft of continuous space that includes animal housing, energy balance, telemetry, and experiment rooms and surgical suites. The VMMPC is designed so housing and study environments can be controlled and workflow is optimized so that multiple procedures can be used on a single mouse. The VMMPC develops, standardizes, and provides surgical and experimental services for phenotyping mice. Surgical procedures include venous and arterial catheterizations, cannula and fiber optic brain implants, bariatric surgeries, and islet transplantations. The VMMPC uses flexible platforms to study nutrient metabolism and energy balance that can be readily adapted for specific experimental requirements. The use of dual arterial and venous catheter implantation permit glucose clamps, treadmill exercise, metabolic flux analyses, and other procedures to be studied without the stress of handling mice. The VMMPC offers courses annually to disseminate research laboratory practices to study mice metabolism.

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