Order a Test

General process for requesting services

  1. User inquires about services, receives consultation on study design (send an e-mail)
  2. VMMPC sends quote and paperwork (e.g., agreement, animal transfer form, IACUC form)
  3. User completes paperwork
  4. Studies are scheduled once the agreement is fully-executed
  5. Mice are purchased or shipped to Vanderbilt.
       Note: Mice from external institutions, with the exception of approved vendors, must undergo quarantine and testing prior to release into the colony.)
  6. Mice are released from quarantine (3-4 weeks), if applicable.
  7. Mice are screened, aged, fed a special diet, and/or undergo treatment
  8. Study is performed
  9. Raw and analyzed data are sent to User
  10. Consult about the results, data interpretation, or analysis
  11. VMMPC invoices User via iLab; User completes payment

If your study involves an animal shipment, please contact us to schedule a brief consultation to discuss your study design.