Expedited Phenotyping

Mice from these vendors do not require quarantine:
  • Jackson Labs
  • Harlan Teklad
  • Taconic Farms
  • Charles River Labs
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Institute of Aging
  • UC Davis Mouse Biology Program

Our Mission

To advance research by providing novel experimental tools to the scientific community for phenotyping genetic mouse models related to diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.

Our Goals

  • Broaden the scope of techniques available to investigators
  • Standardize key methodologies
  • Expedite the completion of research
  • Compile a database for mouse models of diabetes

Latest News

Twitter Feed

7 days ago
Great having Dr. Carrie McCurdy of ⁦ @OHSUNews @UofOregon2019⁩ at ⁦ @VUBasicSciences⁩ ⁦ @vumcdiabetes⁩ to speak on maternal diet effect on offspring muscle mito function and insulin sensitivity. https://t.co/T4tC2RFIZJ MouseCentral photo
7 days ago
Powerful story on @cityofhope diabetes researchers featuring beta cell researcher Dr. Patrick. Fueger. Patrick happens to be a pioneer in mouse phenotyping and a Vanderbilt alum. Diabetes Research: When It’s Personal | City of Hope https://t.co/NGyzZo6GLF
2 weeks ago
Patrick Tso, Maren Laughlin, and David Wasserman spending their 19th consecutive fall advancing science and strategizing at the ⁦ @NationalMMPC⁩ meeting in Cincinnati. ⁦ @NIDDKgov⁩ ⁦ @dkNET_Infohttps://t.co/j87dRK9jkk MouseCentral photo
2 weeks ago
Great talk by Teresa Reyes on early life nutrition and development of obesity at ⁦ @NationalMMPC⁩. #SavetheMMPC https://t.co/qyFyTZgWXT MouseCentral photo