Expedited Phenotyping

Mice from these vendors do not require quarantine:
  • Jackson Labs
  • Harlan Teklad
  • Taconic Farms
  • Charles River Labs
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Institute of Aging
  • UC Davis Mouse Biology Program

Our Mission

To advance research by providing novel experimental tools to the scientific community for phenotyping genetic mouse models related to diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.

Our Goals

  • Broaden the scope of techniques available to investigators
  • Standardize key methodologies
  • Expedite the completion of research
  • Compile a database for mouse models of diabetes

Latest News

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1 day ago
One of our valued colleagues. Dr. Maureen Gannon is indeed a superb mentor and scientist. https://t.co/l4pa8wyov1
5 days ago
This will be worthwhile for investigators using mice in their research and investigators that are not currently using genetic mouse models but would benefit from knowing what is available. #supportMMPCresearch https://t.co/3mZhThdmSg
6 days ago
This is an outstanding guide for mentors and trainees. This is an excellent guide for a successful training experience. @thoughtsofaphd https://t.co/M0u4i0VouJ
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ESWN @ESWNtweets
Have you ever attended one of our ESWN "Mentor Mapping" workshops?
This was really a turning point for me in my understanding of mentoring!
#MentoringMonth #WomenInScience
https://t.co/iSlvTeP7tu https://t.co/Gkqv5GUId0
1 week ago
Big day. Joey Wilkinson of ⁦ @SableSys⁩ and our own MerryGay James begin installation of latest innovation. High resolution gas exchange during treadmill exercise in the mouse....did I mention it allows concurrent blood sampling. https://t.co/l3h0T3rPUO MouseCentral photo