Our Mission

To advance research by providing novel experimental tools to the scientific community for phenotyping genetic mouse models related to diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.

Our Goals

  • Broaden the scope of techniques available to investigators
  • Standardize key methodologies
  • Expedite the completion of research
  • Compile a database for mouse models of diabetes

Latest News

Twitter Feed

4 weeks ago
Thanks to Mike and the team at @SableSys. https://t.co/giLGW61Gj3
MouseCentral photo
Sable Systems Int'l @SableSysInt
We're thrilled to have completed a Promethion Core installation at @MouseCentral! Thanks to @louise_lantier, @TheBurro34, and the whole Vanderbilt Mouse Metabolic #Phenotyping Center team!

#Metabolism #Respirometry #Calorimetry #Research

https://t.co/bUBzMZpQGi https://t.co/5fnSF6RbUG
1 month ago
MIke Kacergis of ⁦ @SableSys⁩ works with MerryGay James, ⁦ @louise_lantier⁩ and ⁦ @TheBurro34⁩ in setting up our new Promethion! https://t.co/RgPSq57eHw MouseCentral photo
1 month ago
A banner day at Vanderbilt MMPC. Our new custom Promethion has arrived. Thank you @SableSys for pushing the envelope to serve scientists and advance science. @VUBasicSciences @vumcdiabetes @VUMCResearch https://t.co/cgNxOBRcTL MouseCentral photo