Expedited Phenotyping

Mice from these vendors do not require quarantine:
  • Jackson Labs
  • Harlan Teklad
  • Taconic Farms
  • Charles River Labs
  • National Cancer Institute
  • National Institute of Aging
  • UC Davis Mouse Biology Program

Our Mission

To advance research by providing novel experimental tools to the scientific community for phenotyping genetic mouse models related to diabetes, obesity, and other metabolic diseases.

Our Goals

  • Broaden the scope of techniques available to investigators
  • Standardize key methodologies
  • Expedite the completion of research
  • Compile a database for mouse models of diabetes

Latest News

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New from the Sheila Collins Lab and the VMMPC! Increased Energy Expenditure and Protection From Diet-Induced Obesity in Mice Lacking the cGMP-Specific Phosphodies… https://t.co/rNJ3qCZmRN
New from the Zent Lab and the VMMPC! Rac1 promotes kidney collecting duct integrity by limiting actomyosin activity https://t.co/24HskxuoXP
New from Masoud Ghamari-Langroudi and the VMMPC! Endogenous cannabinoids are required for MC4R-mediated control of energy homeostasis https://t.co/qHxZwLi4J8
New from the VMMPC! Peptide-YY 3-36/glucagon-like peptide-1 combination treatment of obese diabetic mice improves insulin sensitivity a… https://t.co/gY9exUDgoP

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