Q. At what age should I ship mice for clamping procedures?

A. We prefer mice to be shipped to us at 11 wks of age. Mice will be released from Vandy quarantine by 13-15 wks and undergo surgery at that time.

Q. I am performing nutrition studies. Can the MMPC use my custom diet?

A. Yes! Please contact us at least 2 wks before shipping.

Q. Breeding can be unpredictable and slow. Can we send mice as they become available or do we have to send them as a complete cohort at all one time?

A. You can send them all at once or as they become available, whatever is most convenient for you. Note, however, multiple shipments is not recommended. It increases costs (shipping and serology) and will add variability to the data.

Q. Can I combine your “Non-Invasive Special” with one of your “Clamp Specials”?

Yes! We can make non-invasive measurements and perform a clamp all in the same mouse.

Q. You describe different types of clamps. How do I know which one to request?

A. To assess (a) insulin sensitivity order a hyperinsulinemic euglycemic clamp; (b) response to low blood glucose order a hyperinsulinemic, hypoglycemic clamp; and (c ) beta cell insulin secretion order a hyperglycemic clamp.

Q. If I send you my mice do I retain control of the distribution of the mouse and the data generated by the mouse?

A. Yes. Please see our Materials Transfer Agreement (http://www.mmpc.org/MTA.pdf )

Q. Am I required to include Vanderbilt MMPC faculty and staff as authors on papers including data generated by the MMPC?

No. Vanderbilt MMPC operates on a fee for service basis. Authorship for MMPC faculty and staff is at the discretion of the client investigator.