Metabolic Regulation Core

Director: Owen McGuinness, Ph.D.

Managing Director and Core Contact: Louise Lantier, Ph.D.

815 Light Hall

The techniques necessary to study the impact of genetic, dietary or pharmacologic manipulations on metabolic and endocrine processes are difficult and specialized. Performing well-controlled metabolism experiments in mice is difficult due to their small size. The conscious mouse is studied free of stress (no handling, no restraint) based on measurements of catecholamine and corticosterone levels. Also see Surgical Services. The Aims of this Core are to:
• Providing state-of-the-art services to assess the regulation of metabolic flux in vivo using a variety of glucose clamp and exercise protocols.
• Providing robust imaging technology to monitor the dynamics of cellular process.
• Training investigators in approaches to study metabolism in conscious unstressed mice.

Subcore Tissue and In vivo Imaging
742 Light Hall
Director: Jenny Schafer, Ph.D.

Subcore Murine Pancreatic Islet Isolation Core (run through the Vanderbilt DRTC)
748 Preston Research Building
Director: Marcela Brissova, Ph.D.
Research Assistant: Anastasia Golovin