About Us

A message from the Director – David H. Wasserman, Ph.D.

VMMPC was found in 2001 as the Vanderbilt Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Center. It is located on the 8th floor of Light Hall on the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine campus. Faculty and staff serve the scientific community by developing and optimizing tests to study the mouse, with an emphasis on the whole organism. Access our services by submitting a Request for Services. VMMPC also offers educational services.

VMMPC provides surgical procedures that range from providing chronic vascular access to complex bariatric surgeries. Experiments include those necessary to define actions and secretion of hormones to the efficacy and pharmacokinetics of a drug. The physiological components and behaviors that determine energy balance can be sensitively measured in the VMMPC. Analytical services provide assays that are scaled down for the limited sample volumes obtained from the mice. In addition, an Animal Health and Welfare Core that performs husbandry, health assessments, and pathology ensures the mice we study are in optimal condition.

If you do not see what you need amongst our list of services, please inquire at mmpc@vanderbilt.edu. There is a good chance our skilled staff can adapt to your needs.

Meet Our Team

Director: David H. Wasserman PhD
Associate Directors: Julio Ayala PhD, Louise Lantier PhD, Owen P. McGuinness PhD
Administrators: Eann Malabanan, Caitlin Peters




Tasneem Ansari


Alicia Kellarakos


Staci Bordash


Carlo Malabanan


Teri Doss

                                        Martha Troutman


Merrygay James


Zhizhang Wang


Scientific Board
Julio E. Ayala, Nancy Carrasco, Louise Lantier, Owen P. McGuiness, Ambra Pozzi, David H. Wasserman, Danny G. Winder